Class of 2016


BMIQ delivers evidence-based dietary and behavioral interventions for diabetes prevention. BMIQ utilizes a combination of in-office or telehealth-based counseling, as well as web-based support between visits to effectively impact positive lifestyle change.


Diameter Health

Diameter Health improves healthcare quality and efficiency through clinical intelligence by offering targeted, proprietary solutions to health providers so they can avoid penalties and succeed in an era of health reform. Diameter Health has created an innovative platform to fuel scalable and cost effective applications ranging from forecasting patient outcomes and adverse event risk to providing insight for clinical documentation and resource optimization.



eCaring is a comprehensive home care management solution that provides actionable, real time healthcare information from the home. Their system enables home care workers, patients and caregivers, regardless of their computer skills or language literacy, to enter data regarding physical and mental state, vital signs, critical behaviors and activities, medication adherence and care plan compliance.



Healthify helps payers and providers deliver on the promise of value by addressing the social determinants of health. Healthify’s web platform supports screening for social needs, finding services in a community, connecting people to community resources, coordinating referrals, and providing population health analytics related to social needs.



Somatix is a behavioral modification software platform, utilizing real-time interventions based on data gathered from standard wearables. Its first product, SmokeBeat, is addressing the global smoking cessation market; its customers include corporate employers, health insurance companies and clinics.



Spring uses machine-learning to dramatically improve behavioral healthcare. Spring’s first product eliminates the long and difficult trial-and-error process of selecting the appropriate treatment for depression through a 10-minute digital test.


Class of 2015


Dorsata Logo

Dorsata is building a software that streamlines care pathway development, consumption, and distribution – reducing waste and inefficiencies while improving patient safety and quality of care. Through a web-based platform, teams of clinicians and nurses can rapidly create, build consensus, and disseminate care pathways.




iVEDiX provides solutions for healthcare and other verticals, differentiated by its highly configurable visual analytics platform called miVEDiX which gives users the ability to drag, drop, and otherwise interact with their data in a variety of ways. iVEDiX also has a unique set of competencies in Big Data & Analytics strategies, design and implementation. Specific services include data warehouse creation, data integration, extract transform load, scripting and automation.


Off the Scale


OffTheScale (OTS) is a chronic disease affordable health management Platform which has shown to slow, stop and reverse the progression of chronic diseases. OTS starts with a 12 week group intervention program called OTS-4-U that consists of a customized experience, delivered to the group but targeted to the individual. OTS achieves lifestyle change through its OTS-4-U intervention, and then continues life-long maintenance and sustainability with its’ OTS-4-LIFE program.



Parable - no background

Parable provides tele monitoring and analytics for wound care. Current processes in wound care, characterized by inconsistent assessments, a lack of standards, limited expertise, and poor care transitions lead to wasted resources and poor outcomes. Parable helps provide more effective measuring, monitoring, and managing of wound patients to improve outcomes and reduce cost.



Teladietitian---Logo (2)

TelaDietitian is the premier telehealth solution for nutrition counseling. Working with the nutrition care manuals of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, we are making medical nutrition therapy easy. TelaDietitian is convenient, cost effective and efficient in providing high quality medical nutrition therapy consultations via a HIPAA compliant video, chat and phone portal. Through a simple sign up, a patient sees an expert Registered Dietitian for their health condition and also receives a personalized nutrition guide with a custom meal plan, recipes, relevant nutrition information, shopping guide and information on food/drug interactions.



Wellth Logo

Wellth allows payers and ACOs to maximize the value of every dollar spent on the care of high cost chronic disease patients. By nudging patients towards evidence based care options and by motivating and tracking healthy habits, they can measurably improve population quality metrics like HbA1c in diabetics. They apply the principles of Value Based Insurance Design, which have been developed by Dr. Mark Fendrick of the University of Michigan, and are now being incorporated into numerous health plans and policies nationwide.



Class of 2014



AllazoHealth is a predictive analytics company that solves the problem of medication non-adherence for ACOs, hospital systems, payers, and PBMs. Its AllazoEngine leverages existing member data to both anticipate which patients will not take their medications and to predict the most effective ways to influence each patient to take their medication.




Clinigence provides transformational clinical business intelligence that empowers healthcare providers to successfully transform from volume- to value-based payment through real-time measurement of clinical quality, patient outcomes and total cost. Clinigence efficiently integrates data from any EHR source and engages clinicians in improving performance and effectiveness—a key driver for population health. Clinigence offers a scalable and powerful engine for leveraging clinical data to transform care.




Covertix empowers healthcare organizations to protect and control confidential data shared between patients, healthcare professionals, hospital networks and third party vendors. The Covertix solution enables security compliance at every step of the care coordination and patient engagement process, thus facilitating patient care while protecting patient data.




iQuartic’s technology systematically structures and exploits electronic health records (EHRs) for analytics to enable evidence based and outcome driven care, creating real-time feedback loops for providers. The iQ Platform™ merges, structures, and mines EHR, PBM, claims, and mHealth data for analytics that inform and benchmark care based on outcomes/best practices and adjusted population risk.




Noom develops mobile software that helps people live healthier.  The Noom Weight Loss Coach, downloaded over 10m times, helps users improve their diet and exercise. Noom has adopted its software for providers for interventions including weight loss, diabetes prevention, and eating disorder management. Software is integrated into a providers’ data environment, allowing caregivers to prescribe and track specific diet, exercise, and medication behavior.


Quality Reviews


Quality Reviews, Inc. builds proprietary software to help healthcare provider organizations capture and analyze real–time patient feedback via its flagship product, RateMyHospital®. Based in New York City, Quality Reviews, Inc. was founded by leading healthcare providers and entrepreneurs with a combined 30+ years of clinical, healthcare administrative and technology–building experience.


Sense Health


Sense Health is healthcare technology company that offers a mobile care management platform that engages patients through interactive care plans. The platform contains proprietary health content and algorithms that create and deliver real-time, tailored patient support to help healthcare organizations efficiently support high-risk patients. Sense Health is currently partnering with care management groups supporting Medicaid beneficiaries.


Class of 2013



ActualMeds Corporation provides cloud-based, interoperable software solutions to support team-based medication management and reconciliation for high-risk patients at the point of care. Now healthcare practitioners can perform clinically validated, cost-effective medication review for high-risk patients, including those “dual eligible” for Medicare/Medicaid and the chronically ill, to reduce their drug-related hospitalizations and readmissions.

To learn more about ActualMeds, watch: Demo Day – ActualMeds



Aidin is a web-based referral platform for hospitals discharging patients to post-acute care. Aidin collects hard data about how well post-acute providers perform and makes it easy for hospital staff to present that information to patients when they are choosing their post-acute provider – helping patients choose better providers for better outcomes.

To learn more about Aidin, watch: Demo Day – Aidin



Avado allows clinicians and patients to securely communicate, track, and manage health information. We centralize data from many EHR’s and make it usable for all stakeholders. Providers can take comfort knowing that Avado exceeds Meaningful Use requirements for patient engagement while also addressing requirements for medical homes and accountable models.

To learn more about Avado, watch: Demo Day – Avado



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CipherHealth is a healthcare technology company committed to improving patient outcomes and experiences through enhanced communication and care team coordination. CipherHealth’s solutions reduce preventable readmissions, increase HCAHPS scores, and  foster patient and clinician engagement.

To learn more about CipherHealth, watch: Demo Day – CipherHealth



Cureatr builds networks of Care Transition Notifications™ paired with a robust mobile care coordination platform. Founded in 2012 by physicians in New York City, Cureatr helps accountable care organizations, hospitals and health systems, specialty care providers, payers and physician group practices track patients in real-time throughout the care continuum and improve care coordination. Cureatr’s Care Transition Notifications™ alert clinicians in real-time on mobile or desktop applications when an attributed patient is receiving care anywhere within a region and delivers necessary information that is essential to reducing preventable hospitalizations and avoiding readmissions.

To learn more about Cureatr, watch: Demo Day – Cureatr




medCPU delivers accurate real-time clinical care advice through its revolutionary Advisor Button technology. It uniquely captures the complete clinical picture from clinicians’ free-text notes, dictations and structured documentation entered into any EMR, and analyzes it against a growing library of best-practice content, generating real-time precise prompts for best care consideration.

To learn more about medCPU, watch:Demo Day – MedCPU


Remedy Systems

Remedy Systems leverages the power of mobile to lower the cost and improve the quality of healthcare via our flexible care coordination platform that enables physicians and nurses to concentrate on delivering the highest quality of care possible while fostering engagement from patients and family/friends.



SpectraMedix empowers hospitals and ambulatory providers to accelerate quality improvement efforts and achieve their financial goals with innovative clinical intelligence solutions. Our FOCUS Actionable Analytics platform provides real-time and predictive data analytics to assist with reducing preventable readmissions, improving Core Measures and Value-Based Purchasing Scores, and participation in ACOs and Health Homes.

To learn more about SpectraMedix (formerly SpectraMD), watch: Demo Day – SpectraMD