• Each application will be reviewed by a selection committee that includes participating provider leadership, venture capital participants, clinicians, and technology experts.
  • The committee will select up to ten companies to participate in the Accelerator Program. Criteria for selection include: product innovation in focus areas, value/benefits within the focus areas, management’s track record, and product maturity stage.

What Selected Accelerator Companies Gain

  • Access to product and technology feedback from the participating provider organizations.
  • Participation in a leadership program in which companies will be able to interact with a network of healthcare leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and investors.
  • Access to the NYeC-led EHR/HIE Interoperability Workgroup network of providers, states, and vendors from across the country.


  • Each selected company will receive $100,000 in up-front funding from a syndicate of leading venture capital and strategic investors.
  • Capital provided will be structured as a note convertible into the next round of financing, with a small warrant coverage.